Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Search for support at Bumblebee.

Question: Do I have to register an account as a buyer (company or private individual) to search for companies in Bumblebee.´s company register?

Answer: No, you can search for companies without having an account. It should be easy to find competence for free.


Question: Can I, as a private individual, search for support via Bumblebee.´s platform?

Answer: Yes, of course. Both private individuals and companies can contact the registered companies. 


Bumblebee’s services

Question: Can Bumblebee support with contract templates and billing templates?

Answer: Bumblebee can help you to get contact with professionals who can support with most types of business related templates


Question: If we sign a cooperation agreement with Bumblebee, can Bumblebee guarantee assignments for us?

Answer: We provide the opportunity for an entrepreneur to get an assignment. Bumblebee cannot guarantee job. In the event of an incoming request, Bumblebee directs the request to the companies we cooperate with.


Question: Can Bumblebee terminate an agreement with a company who provide services to Bumblebee?

Answer: Bumblebee reserves the right to terminate an agreement in any circumstances specified in the agreement.


Question: For how long am I, as a service provider, tied to a cooperating agreement?

Answer: If your company would like to be a part of Bumblebee´s services, we will sign an agreement for one year at the time. Contact us if you are interested!   


Question: Does it cost my company anything to sign a cooperation agreement with you?

Answer: To sign a cooperation agreement with us does not cost anything. Please be aware that we do a background check of the company before we accept a possible cooperation.


Company profile

Question: How can I register my company or the company I work at?

Answer: Access and click on “Register company”. You have to log in via BankID to be able to register the company on our platform. 

Question: Why do I have to use my private BankID to create a company profile?

Answer: To log in with BankID is an important security precaution. We care about having serious companies at the platform and with BankID it is a part of our security control.

Question: Can everyone register a company profile at

Answer: Your company needs a Swedish organizational number to be able to do a registration at If you do not have one you are unfortunately not able to do that.

 Question: How long time does it takes to register a profile at Bumblebee?

Answer: It takes maximum 5 minutes to register a profile, and the profile will be visible at the same time you confirm the registration. Please note that Bumblebee monitors the profiles regularly and can close it down if we discover anything suspicious. 

 Question: Which companies can log their profile at

Answer: Smaller businesses in most occupational categories. If there is any professional category you miss, feel free to contact and we will do our best to help you. We do not currently cover occupational categories within the care profession.


Question: What can I do, as a smaller business representative, to be more visible at

Answer: offers a premium membership which cost 179 sek/month or 1699 sek/year. In a premium membership your company will be visible further up in our company-register when potential customers are looking for your business´ services. Also, there are possibilities to have the company visible at Bumblebee’s social media channels. Please note that the last part cannot be guaranteed.

Question: Does it cost anything to register a company profile at

Answer: It is free do register a profile at as a small business owner.


Please contact us if you have any other questions.